Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is an ancient, highly elaborate system of natural healing that has been used by billions of people for all kinds of health conditions. As medicine, it actually predates acupuncture. A Chinese herbal formula is a wonderful complement to an acupuncture treatment, as it works on different substrates in the body and maintains continuity in therapeutic intervention. Whereas acupuncture works more on the level of energy, Chinese herbs work more on the level of blood and have specific therapeutic effects on certain organs of the body, such as the liver. Like acupuncture, herbs balance the systems of the body by regulating the functioning of the internal organs, clearing blockages, strengthen deficiencies and expelling any excess factors. Chinese herbs stimulate the body’s healing process through a deep rebalancing of the system. This allows symptoms to be relieved by going to the root of the problem. A typical herbal formula contains around 15 herbs. At Myung K Kim Acupuncture, herbal formulas are usually given in the form of pills, capsules, teas and powders.